Below is our "Litter Patrol" Plan:

  • Car park - Royal Oak Mall (Manukau Road South)
  • Car park - Royal Oak Mall (alongside Mt. Albert Road)
  • Car park - Royal Oak Mall (back of Pak' n Save)
  • Car Park - Pak' n Save (back of Crown Street)
  • Oak Street entrance
  • Acorn Street entrance
  • Mt. Albert Road, (Back to McDonald's)


McDonald’s Balmoral

McDonald’s Balmoral is locally owned and operated restaurant which operates as a part of the community in which is serves. It is our policy to carry out “Litter Patrol” in our neighborhood, whereby the outside contractors or members of ours staff will go out and pick up McDonald’s packaging which has been carelessly discarded. We are committed to carry out “Litter Patrol” twice a day, (from 6:30am to 7:00am and 5:00pm to 5:30pm). In addition to this activity we also provide the waste receptacles both inside and in the vicinity of our restaurant.

“Litter Patrol” plan:

  • Balmoral Rd up to Volcanic St
  • Volcanic St up to Wiremu St
  • Wiremu St up to Dominion Rd
  • Potters park